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Do you have full time IT staff but want more from your IT department? We can help by adding complementary services and solutions, working side by side with your existing staff. With our Streamline IT solution you get a viable and affordable option to complement your full time IT staff and gain an entire IT department; You are no longer locked to the traditional thinking of choosing between full-time staff or outsourcing. Even the most skilled of staff will have their limits in knowledge, availability and time, this is where Streamline IT kicks in. Together we will devise a customized service solution that will enable your team to seamlessly unify with ours, with the ultimate benefit of servicing your organization.

We Can Help

In essence what we create is a single IT department. A division of labour work flow is created that allows for:

  •  A single platform to manage any and all service related work by Internal staff and D-Tech
  •  Custom workflow will send tickets to the appropriate group automatically
  •  Assignment of work between your staff and D-Tech will be seamless
  •  SLA’s can be measured comparatively or consolidated
  •  Work load and distribution can be measured to find how exactly how busy your staff is
  •  Platform integrates with already in place asset management tools (Labtech)
  •  Improve end user satisfaction with a unified support approach
  •  Allows internal IT to focus on business initiatives
  •  Provides all the reporting required by any IT Department
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Let’s Get Started

It’s very easy.

It starts with a free, no obligation assessment. One of our executives will come to your office and discuss how your business operates, what you require from IT and how we can be of service.


BallPark Proposal

We won’t waste any time

We understand you have concerns and constraints. We will provide you a ballpark proposal listing any and all the services discussed at our onsite assessment within 48 hours. This helps determine that we can actually do business together.



A thorough understanding is the goal.

With a thorough understanding of your business and ball park price, we can now conduct a through IT audit. This audit will be presented to your executive team and highlight the exact health and situation your IT is in, complete with solutions and options.



We are as good as we say we are.

We hope to have built a foundation of trust with you and started to show you value. Changing your IT company or IT staff is a big decision and we recommend you contact any of our references to ensure that D-Tech is the right IT support company for your business or not-for profit organization.


Cruise Control

Now your are cruising!

The IT Audit provided a path to fix all your IT problems. With proper solutions, IT Service and process in place,  your IT is in what we call Cruise Control. Your day to day support needs are serviced with best in class Help Desk. Your servers and network are monitored, maintained and managed by a team of expert support staff. Your management team get real time and automated reports and onsite meetings to ensure your business and IT work as one.


IT Management

Regular face to face meetings keep I.T on track.

All departments in your organization have someone managing it. The IT department should be no exception. With our outsourced CIO (oCIO) service you can rest assured that you have a technology roadmap that aligns with your business objectives.

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Disaster Recovery Plan
Business Continuity
Asset Management
IT Policy and Procedures
Key Metrics & Performance
Project Management
Server monitoring and Maintenance
Network Monitoring and Maintenance

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